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The United States Constitution and federal laws provide rights that all citizens enjoy. You may be entitled to enforce a violation of these rights through a lawsuit. You are entitled to protection from discrimination and retaliation based on several categories, including:

• Age
• Race
• Gender
• Sexual preference
• Pregnancy
• Disabilities
• Religion
• Voting rights
• Housing
• Right to free speech

Discrimination takes many forms and not all are actionable under the law. The DeFatta Law Firm has extensive experience handling discrimination cases regardless of the setting or the type of discrimination. Contact Phil today to evaluate your discrimination claims.

According to state and federal laws, many potential behaviors engaged in by various employees or agents of the government may be considered violations of your civil rights. If you are mistreated by employees of any part of the criminal justice system or other governmental entities, you may have the right to take legal action. The DeFatta Law Firm is experienced in handling these civil rights violations, including:

• False arrestIllegal search
• Unlawful detention/imprisonment
• Wrongful conviction
• Police misconduct
• Excessive force during arrest/police brutality
• Prosecutorial misconduct
• Failure to intervene

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