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The Top 5 Ways Huntsville Drivers Crash Their Cars (and How Not to Be One of Them)

Fender benders, rear endings, t-bones - accidents happen all too often on Huntsville’s busy streets. But many crashes are preventable if you know the most accident-prone driving behaviors. DeFatta Law Firm is here to clue you in on the top ways Huntsville motorists ruin their rides so you can avoid joining the not-so-prestigious club.

1. Rubbernecking roadside wrecks

We get it, crumpled metal and flashing lights draws the eye like bees to honey. But gawking at accident scenes leads to more accidents if drivers don’t pay attention to the road. So flex that neck away from the distraction and keep your eyes forward before you cause another wreck. The police have it handled - move along.

2. Playing bumper cars in rush hour

The commute on I-565 can get tighter than skinny jeans on Fashion Week. But no matter how slowly the traffic creeps, it’s never justification for drivers playing bumper cars. Maintain a safe following distance and stay alert. The second you let your mind wander, you’ll likely have a bumper sticker imprinted on your hood.

3. Driving like you’re storming the Daytona 500

Speed limits seem like mere suggestions to some lead-footed Huntsville drivers who feel the need for speed. But hurtling down Jordan Lane like it’s the Daytona 500 increases the risk of dangerous wrecks. Slow your roll and remind yourself you’re not an Andretti (or Earnhardt). The few minutes you’ll shave off your drive isn’t worth endangering everyone.

4. Cruising whilst snoozing

Drowsy driving accounts for as many accidents as drunk driving. So don’t get behind the wheel if you’re cruising for a snoozing. If you feel your eyelids getting heavy, pull over and get some rest or caffeine. Trying to push through and drive while fatigued can have dire consequences. Take a nap - your destination will still be there when you wake up.

5. Semi-driving while distracted

Texting, eating, grooming - drivers seemingly can’t resist the temptation to multitask in the car. But distracted driving significantly raises your crash risk. So keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Your texts will still be there after you park. Don’t drive inattentively and contribute to Huntsville’s accident woes.

Use your noodle and avoid these all-too-common accident causes whenever you drive around Huntsville. And if the worst happens, call DeFatta Law Firm. Our experienced attorneys will deal with the insurance companies so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Just try to steer clear of our specialty by being an attentive driver!

Written by
Phil DeFatta
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